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Importing Second Hand Car

Importing a Second Hand Car?

There is an increasing number of people purchasing cars online from overseas and importing them in Papua New Guinea. Although the purchase price of these vehicles may seem cheaper than what you can purchase here in Papua New Guinea there are significant costs associated with importing and getting these vehicles on the road. In addition to freight and insurance costs, there is also import duties which can, depending on the size of the motor, range from 40%-110% of the vehicles import value. On top of this Import GST of 10% is also collected at the time of import. Add to this broker fees, Quarantine clearance fees, port handling fees, car safety inspection fees and registration fees and this can often double the original purchase price of the vehicle.

Please be aware of all the costs associated with purchasing and importing a vehicle from overseas before you make you purchase. If your vehicle is imported and left at a Customs wharf for over 30 days it is forfeited to the Sate of Papua New Guinea and can be sold or auctioned to recover the duty, GST, and other handling and storage fees owing.

EXAMPLE- Import of a 2Litre Subaru Forrester

**Please note: this is an example only, costs and fees vary depending on vehicle type and supplier**

  • K6,000.00
  • K3,500.00
  • K270.00
  • K7,816.00
  • K1,758.60
  • Brokerage Costs K650.00
  • Quarantine Costs K123.20
  • Wharf Handling Costs K650.00
  • Kina 30.00
  • Car Registration K476.50
  • K21,274.30