In order to identify the importer for each declaration Customs has adopted an identifier (Importer/Exporter code) that must be used in all communications with Customs. To fully integrate with the Taxation Division of IRC, the identifier chosen by Customs is the Tax code or (TC) number.

If you are an commercial importer or exporter or if you are a Licensed Agent and your client does not have an Importer/Exporter code, you should;

  • Register with the IRC as a taxpayer. This can be done through the IRC Tax Division's records section. They will issue you a Company Tax code; and
  • Complete forms G26 (a) & (b) and lodge them with the KASPNG office to register with the ASYCUDA system. All following documents must be attached with the Form G26.
    • Letter from the Records Section confirming the Tax Code: and
    • Copy of IPA company registration certificate
  • If this is just a one-off, non-commercial consignment the customs agent should contact the relevant port manager to obtain temporary number to process the entry.
  • Form G26(a) and (b) Click here: