Customs officers sign Oath of Loyalty to the State

Press ReleaseRay Paul Customs officers and management last week signed an Oath of loyalty and service to the state and Government, a document that binds each officer to the Public Service General Orders particularly to observe the rules of conduct that guides all public servants.

Customs Commissioner Ray Paul said the signing marked the conclusion of a series of workshops held earlier this year for Customs officers and a session for the executive management this week that focussed on the Code of Ethics and Conduct and Anti-Corruption.

"This signing means that Customs officers are now bound to the Code of Ethics and Conduct and have pledged to perform their duties legally, impartially, effectively, responsibly and display personal integrity, honesty and truthfulness", the Commissioner stated.

"It also means that we are serious about fighting corruption and are committed to serving Customs, the Government of the day and the people of Papua New Guinea", Mr. Paul added.

"Having said that, we are also mindful that there have also been instances where importers, exporters, Customs brokers and the general public have raised allegations and complaints of illegal activities and conduct by Customs officers. The allegations raised are a cause for concern and are healthy for the organisation as it alerts officers to be more vigilant and considerate of their actions daily", the Commissioner added.

"The Code of Ethics and Conduct simply reminds officers to be at the 'right place at the right time doing the right thing'. Anything outside of that, the officers are on their own. Business houses especially are urged to come forward with any information on alleged corrupt practices. Do not hide anything you know as it will not be helpful to anyone."

"I appeal to the public to report directly to the Office of the Commissioner using the designated telephone number 3226898."

Meanwhile, the public would by now have realised that all Customs vehicles now bear the ZCU number plates. The Commissioner is also advising the public to use the same reporting procedure to report any officer seen to be abusing a Customs vehicle, or if any Customs vehicle is being used for illegitimate purposes.

Ray Paul
Acting Commissioner