1. Border Security

    Facilitate legitimate movement of people and goods across our border while maintaining the integrity and security of the border, ensuring supply chain security and protecting the health and safety of our people.

    Establishing strategic alliances, increased resources, use of appropriate technology, risk management techniques, red/yellow/green lane systems and improved communications.

    Key Performance Indicators

    • Reallocation and increase in staff numbers at regional ports, border posts and international airports.
    • Improved passenger processing times at international airports through better utilisation of red and green channels and advanced passenger information systems.
    • Developing and consolidation of inter-agency cooperative agreements and mechanisms for information and resource sharing.
    • Undertake feasibility into, and establish, Customs contact points and community information and resource sharing.
    • Improved Customs enforcement data collection, analysis and dissemination process.
    • Organised and improved cargo examination process and reporting system.
    • Undertake feasibility and design an acquisition plan for the introduction of specialised equipment for non intrusive cargo screening.
    • Plan for the phased development of the Customs Marine Unit.
    • Feasibility undertaken, plan for the re-establishment of the Customs Canine Unit.
    • Improve case management through improved assessment of case referrals and turn over time for investigations.
  2. Community Protection

    Prevent and detect illicit and counterfeit goods harmful to the community.

    Effective use of risk assessment, pre-screening procedures and improve information base on detecting movements of illicit goods.

    Key Performance Indicators

    • Effective screening of sea cargo, air cargo, postal items and passenger baggage.
    • Improved information base for monitoring trends and flow of substandard, fake and counterfeit products.
    • Specific targeting measures for illicit and or restricted imports/exports, arms and munitions.
    • Coordinated action with industry partners against smuggling of fake and counterfeit products.
    • Increasing public awareness.
  3. Trade Facilitation

    Facilitate legitimate trade with minimum delay and costs.

    Efficient use of the ASYCUDA cargo clearance system, implement Authorised Economic Operators and Advanced Ruling Systems.

    Key Performance Indicators

    • Reduced import and export clearance times to well under 48 hours from the time of lodgement of Single Administrative Document through proper implementation of the Customs Service Charter.
    • Service Agreement(s) with major importers and Customs Broker's Association.
    • Improved targeting and profiling systems to ensure less physical intervention at operational levels.
    • Authorised Economic Operators scheme introduced to allow self assessing and expediting clearance processes for low risk clients.
    • Advanced Rulings introduced to allow predictability and certainty for business to conduct import and export trade.
    • Increasing public awareness.
  4. Revenue Collection

    Collect Government revenue and provide reliable trade statistics and economic data.

    Increase general compliance, improve collections and reporting of revenue and ensure timely transfer of revenue and trade statistics.

    Key Performance Indicators

    • Increased audit of cargo manifest acquittal and reporting.
    • Focused and targeted Post Clearance Audit as per the national audit plan.
    • Weekly and monthly monitoring of import Single Administrative Document processing and ensuring hanging Single Administrative Documents are accounted for on a timely basis.
    • Effective daily revenue collections, banking and reporting.
    • Timely transfer of revenue collections and trade statistical data to key Government economic agencies.