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Welcome to the PNG Customs Service


Customs agents are required to provide the correct information in all cages in a Customs Declaration (Form 15).

However, it has been identified that some of declarations prepared by agents did not comply with this requirement resulting in inaccurate statistical information in the system.

According to Section 153 (e) of the Customs Act,it is an offence to makes an entry that is false in any particular.

Furthermore, under Section 147B of the Customs Act, administrative penalties can be applied for materially incorrect information in a Customs Declaration.

The penalty amount being an amount not less than 50% and not exceeding 200% of the duty un-paid or payable).

A technical offence penalty may also be applied where a breach of the Customs Act or Regulation has been committed.

Therefore, agents are strongly advised to fill correct information in all cages of the Customs Declaration prior to lodgement with Customs and adhere to all Customs requirements.

Take note that Administrative Penalties and Penalties for Technical Offences will be imposed for any false information contained in the Customs Declaration and any breaches of the Customs Act and Regulations commencing from and on the 1st of June 2018.

More information can be obtained on this website under 'LEGISLATIONS'.


This notice serves to advise the general public, especially importers, exporters, excise manufacturers and customs brokers that the e-payment method of paying Customs duties and taxes through the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) is effective now.

Importers, exporters and brokers can now utilise this method of payment.

You are therefore required to make necessary arrangements with your commercial banks to do an interbank transfer directly from your respective bank accounts to the Customs Revenue Administration Account at the Bank of Papua New Guinea as per the details below:

Account Name:Customs Revenue Administration Account Account Number:4314 6574
Bank:BPNG (Port Moresby)BSB:121 - 001

For your convenience the ASYCUDA system captures the payment reference, a fourteen (14) digit code (e.g. 2016POMI123456) to the bank including the bank account number at the bottom of every assessment notice of your relevant declaration.

This payment system is fully automated and therefore receipts can be printed at your location without confirmation from the PNG Customs Service.

By 31st May 2018, all stakeholders are expected to be using this method of payment. If you require more information in regard to this matter, you can contact Mr. John Sam, Assistant Commissioner Trade & Revenue Administration, on telephone number 312 7452, email samj@customs.gov.pg or Ms. Julie Haung, Director Revenue Accounting on telephone number 312 7578, email: haungj@customs.gov.pg

Authorised by:
Ray Paul, OBE
Chief Commissioner of Customs