Pre-Arrival Information For Crruise Ships

Pre-Arrival Information for Cruise Ships

Cruise Vessels [Master or Owner] are also required to provide Customs with standard notice of the ship's impending arrival, as required for all commercial vessels. The report is required 48 hours before the nominated date of arrival indicated by the impending arrival report. If the journey from the last port is likely to take less than 48 hours, the report is required 24 hours before the estimated date of arrival.

Shipping representatives or agents in PNG can also assist in meeting reporting obligations determined by Customs legislation.

Cruise Vessels are required to produce the following reports on arrival:

All reports can be forwarded

As well, any Cruise Vessel Operator seeking to visit/enter any un-proclaimed ports in PNG will require a Section 25(3) Permission from the Commissioner and undertake to meet all prescribed conditions.

Refer to;Application for Permission for Master/Pilot of foreign conveyances to land/call into an unproclaimed area in Papua New Guinea (Section: 25 (3) Customs Act 1951)

Immigration Compliance Agreements

Cruise Vessel Operators should also make reference to PNG Immigration & Citizenship Authority - Cruise Ship Industry Information page on ICSA website

Link is at

This page outlines procedures to enable Cruise Vessel Operators to seek a Compliance Agreement with ICSA to provide streamlined immigration clearance for passengers and crew.

If approved facilitated Immigration clearance will be achieved by advanced lodgment of an electronic manifest in prescribed format. [Required for arrival and departure]

ICSA will advise Customs and other stakeholders of ALL approved Cruise Vessel Compliance Agreements

Cruise Operators / Agents are required to also provide Customs with advanced electronic passenger manifest.

Customs Processing

Reference is also made to Incoming Passenger Declarations for Cruise Vessel operations

These declarations are required to be completed by all passengers and held by vessel operator as a condition of ICSA compliance agreement.

Subject to the respective cruise vessel schedules and passenger movements, Customs willNOTnormally undertake face to passport checks or collect passenger declarations where compliance agreements have been approved.

Any passengers intending to land goods subject to Customs or NAQIA control and /or who are leaving the cruise while in PNG will be required to present their passenger declarations to customs officials.

While declarations may not be required Customs will/may inspect any goods being carried by passengers / crew off or onto the vessel in any location whilst in PNG.

Customs Enquiries / Contacts

Cruise Vessel specific enquiries and Applications for Section 25(3) Permissions should be made to Director Ports Coordination in respective ports or to Director Office of the Commissioner;


  • Director Ports Coordination Northern (Lae) - 4724899
  • Director Ports Coordination Islands (Kokopo) - 9829021
  • Director Ports Coordination Southern (Port Moresby) - 3127548
  • Director Officer of the Commissioner (Port Moresby) - 3127598

You can also email your enquiries to