ICT Division

Under the new organizational structure Customs ICT is now responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the Customs Information Technology Infrastructure.

Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA), a sub-branch to ICT is responsible for the development and implementation of the ASYCUDA system. ASYCUDA is the electronic reporting and data processing system for all import, exports and excise entries lodged with Customs. It has been upgraded over the years from ASYCUDA 2.7 to ASYCUDA++ and is now upgraded to ASYCUDA World which was recently implemented in Port Moresby in 2017 and into the training stage in Lae. ASYCUDA World will eventually be implemented to all declared ports in the near future.

There have been a number of benefits realised over the past years with the use of ASYCUDA that includes simplified documentation, adoption of international standards, codes, harmonised tariff system, valuation, and exposure of Customs Staff and Traders to a computer environment and management of trade statistics.


Along with ASYCUDA, new payment processes have been developed and implemented to ease the traffic of duty payment, clearance of cargo and maintaining a cash free office.

This includes payments via:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Prepayment Accounts

The responsibilities and functions of ICT also extend to:

  • Maintenance and upgrade of the Customs Network and equipment
  • Update of ASYCUDA Database, References and Control Tables
  • Maintenance and Upgrade of the ASYCUDA
  • Provide Help Desk Support to PNG Customs and external ASYCUDA Users (Brokers and shipping)
  • Provide Statistics to Customs Management, Government Departments (NSO/DTI, BPNG, Treasury, etc) and other interested parties/organisations
  • Conduct training for all ASYCUDA Users.

Registering As an Importer/Exporter

It is a requirement for all Importers and Exporters to register with PNG Customs as a measure to integrate with the Taxation Division of Internal Revenue Commission (IRC), ease in facilitating trade and cargo clearance.

In order to register, one must do the following:

  • Acquire Tax Identification Number (TIN) from IRC
  • Complete G26 Form
  • Attach required documents (ref to checklist)
  • Lodge with Customs ICT

You can email to tin.registration@customs.gov.pg as PDF copies

Please be advised we DO NOT accept any other format of the official documents; e.g Images...

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