Report Official Corruption

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs exists to help Customs Officers be professional, committed and accountable. If you know of any Customs Officer engaging in corrupt practices, you can report them to Customs using any of the contact methods listed below.

Help us to fight Corruption by Saying NO to Corruption.

How to report an incident to PNGCS Internal Affairs:

Write a letter:

The Director Internal Affairs PNG Customs Service PO Box 923 Port Moresby

Send a fax to:


On-call Internal Affairs duty officer:
Visit the Internal Affairs office at:

Ground Floor Gordons Business Centre

Contact an Internal Affairs Officer directly during office hours on:

3127593, 3127654, 3127655, 3127553

What “WE” (Internal Affairs) are about:

Internal Affairs (IA) is an independent Division reporting directly to the Chief Commissioner of Customs. IA is a model specifically used to fight Corruption within PNGCS.

Our Vision

The pinnacle of integrity, ethics and professionalism and provide the best sense of security to the PNG Customs Service and all its stakeholders.

Our Mission

Committed to fighting corruption through deterrence, prevention and education and maintaining and ensuring a high standard of integrity, ethics, professionalism and security.

How we plan to achieve our Vision and Mission:

  • Establish and maintain relevant Policies that deal with corruption, bribery, fraud and security;
  • Undertake thorough Internal investigations into staff misconduct and recommend appropriate disciplinary actions in relation to breaches of the Public Service Management Act, Customs Act (other acts committed in breach of the Act by Customs Officers; ie; Summary Offences Act, Public Finance Management Act and the Criminal Code);
  • Education and awareness on Integrity, Ethics, Corruption, Fraud, Bribery and security and make staff fully aware of its implications;
  • Carry out security inspections and assessments on all Customs assets and properties and make recommendations to the Chief Commissioner on best practice and how to improve or secure all properties whether fully owned by PNGCS or hired, rented etc;
  • Conduct Integrity checks on Investigations carried out by investigations sections within PNGCS, passenger processing, files and records security, uniforms usage, vehicle privileges / use etc.