Boats, Yachts & Trailers

Boats, Yachts, Trailers

This part covers the importation of boats, yachts and trailers by a resident returning to Papua New Guinea after residing overseas or any other person arriving in Papua New Guinea with the intention of taking up residence. They are considered to form part of the person's personal effects.

As with importing motor vehicles, provided the passenger has arrived in PNG with the intention of taking up residence for the first time, items being within the following categories may be admitted free of duty, subject to conditions:

Yacht, motor boat, other boat being vessels not of the deep keel type and are of a kind -

  1. suitable for transportation by road on boat trailer of a kind readily drawn by a motor car; or
  2. designed principally for sporting purpose or recreational use in sheltered waters;

The boat, yacht or trailer may be imported into Papua New Guinea free of Customs duty and Import Excise duty provided the following requirements are met.

  1. The owner has come to Papua New Guinea with the intention of taking up residence in Papua New Guinea for a period of time exceeding twelve months, on or from their arrival date.
  2. The boat, yacht or trailer was for the whole period of over twelve months immediately preceding the owner's departure for Papua New Guinea personally owned and used by the owner in the country in which the owner was living.
  3. That evidence for the proof of ownership in a documentary form, such as registration certificate, invoice/proper purchase receipt, insurance certificate and passport, etc., can be produced to the Collector of Customs, at the port of importation on
  4. On inspection/examination it is established that the boat, yacht or trailer has been actually used over twelve months.

A person or family may only import one boat or yacht, together with its trailer using this concession.

Valuation of Boats, Yachts or Trailers for Customs purposes

If these conditions are not met, the current rate of Customs Duty and Import Excise Duty payable would be determined as follows:-

  • The actual money price paid plus value of any additional fittings and all charges paid or payable incurred in importing the vehicle including insurance and freight.
  • The value established on the above basis will be subject to depreciation allowance of 5% for the first completed month of ownership and use overseas, less - further 1% for each subsequent month of ownership and use overseas, with a maximum reduction of 40% where a brand new boat, yacht or trailer was purchased from a dealer in the exporting country.
  • The qualifying period for the depreciation allowance, for value for duty purposes, is to be taken as the period from the date of purchase to date of export to Papua New Guinea or, if sooner, the date of the owner's embarkation for Papua New Guinea provided the boat, vehicle or trailer was in the ownership and use of the owner for the whole of the period.
  • Where evidence produced is not acceptable to the Collector of Customs due to doubt as to the accuracy of value, the boat, yacht or trailer may be detained for further investigation and proper assessment value.

Boats, Yachts and Trailers that do NOT qualify for concessional duty rate

Where a boat, yacht or trailer has been purchased overseas either new or second hand and brought to Papua New Guinea as a private or commercial import, the vehicle is not eligible for entry free of Customs duty and Import Excise duty. Customs duty and Import Excise duty is payable after proof of valuation is established.