Direct Trader Input (DTI)

The Brokers Module (MODBRK) is the module used by Agents to send entries using DTI. Agents who which to send entries electronically by first do the following:

  • Have operating, or install, computer equipment that meets the minimum standards required to operate Asycuda++, which are outlined in the DTI document attached to this page;
  • Contact PNG Customs ICT for an appointment for an officer to attend your premises to install MODBRK on your computer system;
  • Following installation and initial training, Agents will be connected to the Test server and will be required to send entries to the 'test' server before being granted access to the 'live production' server. These entries will be checked by KASPNG and comment will be sent back to the agent so that compliance with all relevant requirements is achieved.
  • Once satisfied that the Agent is consistently achieving compliance with the requirements, PNG Customs ICT will grant access to the 'live production' server upon that agent signing a DTI MOA with Customs.

Specific DTI requirements click here: