Our Client Service Charter

The Customs Service Charter sets our endeavours to provide quality service to meet the expectations of our clients. The Service Charter provides information on our key objectives, who we stand to serve, the value we subscribe to in order to deliver our services, our expectation of stakeholders and what our stakeholders need to do.

We have a Corporate Plan which sets the direction in which we will strive to achieve our objectives. We also have a website where information on our operations can be accessed.

In working towards the mission of the PNG Customs Service, our key objectives for the achievement are to;

  • Collect revenue due to the State at our borders.
  • Support trade facilitation activities.
  • Assist development in industry.
  • Maintain acceptable level of computer service to facilitate electronic transactions.
  • Create a skilled and innovative workforce that acts with integrity while providing prompt and reliable service.

We stand to serve the following;

  • The National Government and its agencies.
  • The people of Papua New Guinea.
  • Trade and business community.
  • Papua New Guinea Customs Brokers Association.
  • Customs Brokers.
  • International travelers.
  • International organizations we affiliate with.

We are committed to providing high standard of service to all our stakeholders. Our aim is to be;

  • FAIR – We will respect your rights and serve you with equity and impartiality.
  • RESPECT – We will deal with courtesy and respect.
  • PROFESSIONALISM – we will address your concerns with high level of professionalism.
  • HONESTY – We will serve with integrity and honesty.
  • OPEN –We will be open and transparent and explain your rights and our requirements.

We undertake to provide service at above acceptable levels in our key roles as follows:

If You Write To Us

We aim to acknowledge receipt of your letter or email within 5 working days and provide appropriate response within 15 working days. We will advise you if it is necessary to extend this time in order to provide your requirements. In this case, we will inform you when you can expect your required response.

If You Telephone Us During Working Hours

We aim to either provide the required information when you call, or ensure that the appropriate person returns your call as soon as possible with the required information.

For Assessment of Import and Export Entries

We aim to assess most of your Customs entries within 2 days of lodgement.

For Cargo Examination

We will arrange with you or your representative for the inspection of cargo within 1 working day for air cargo, and 2 working days for sea cargo, from the time the cargo is available for examination. If we cannot schedule an examination within these times, we will agree to a mutually suitable time. Customs will inform stakeholders or their representatives that their cargo is available as soon as possible after the examination is completed. We will advise you if there are any delays in releasing your cargoes after the inspection, and explain the reasons for delay.

For International Travelers

We aim to expedite the completion of CIQ formalities with the arrival of passenger vessels and aircraft and for international travelers arriving at our land border.

For Examination of Passenger Baggage

Accompanying luggage at sea ports, airports and land border may be examined by Customs, however you will be treated professionally and courteously and extra care will be taken when examining your belongings. Customs will assist where and when necessary to repack after examination.

For Asycuda ++ Support

KASPNG officers can help you over the phone (,) during business hours (,) if you have any problems with the brokers module or software. If the circumstances require, we can schedule an onsite visit at a time that is mutually suitable.

In order for us to continually serve our clients with professionalism, we expect them to assist us by way of fulfilling their obligation in the following manner;

  • Be honest with us and provide accurate and complete information.
  • Treat our staff fairly and with respect.
  • Submit any documents and supporting evidence within the required time frame(s) so that we can provide the appropriate response in a timely manner.

When Travelling
  • Be aware of Customs travel requirements.
  • Ensure that you have honestly and accurately completed all necessary arrival and departure forms.
  • Be aware that all cargo, passengers and their baggage is subject to examination by Customs. We ask that you prepare for inspection any goods you declare and declare any goods that you are uncertain of.

When you are importing and exporting cargo

You must use the service of a licensed Customs broker to compile Customs import and export entries and carry out related clearance formalities. You must ensure that the information provided is correct

Communicating with industry

As part of Customs commitment to promoting trade facilitation, we conduct regular dialogue with industry. This ensures that there is a clear channel to obtain feedback to assist with:

  • Improving our service and increase awareness.
  • Compliance with Customs procedures and requirements.

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