Delegation Of Power By DPM Secretary

Press Release 24 June 2013


Ray Paul
To the much relieve of PNG Customs Service, the Acting Secretary for Department of Personnel Management (DPM) Chris Kabauru officially handed over the instrument of delegation of powers to the Commissioner of Customs Ray Paul in Port Moresby recently, witnessed by Customs and DPM executives. PNG Customs can now address staff shortage issues quicker than before with this delegation of powers.

This means that all Human Resources functions per the Instrument of Delegation for Customs will now be administered by the Customs human resource section in consultation with DPM rather than being centred exclusively on DPM, which, in the past proved to be a cumbersome process. This is set to elevate efficiency in the recruitment process as well as other human resources considerations for the organization.

Commissioner of Customs Ray Paul is now vested with specific devolution powers to administer all human resource functions including the recruitment matters within the organisation as stipulated in the instrument of delegation within the organization. The Commissioner thanked DPM for endorsing Customs as one of the five successful organizations, out of nine other Government Departments and Provincial Administrations that lodged their requests seeking approval for the delegation of powers

Ray Paul
"This is a very positive move. Thank you for seeing our need because we currently have 53% manpower producing an output of 74% per our work-plan for the Month of May, 2013", the Commissioner stated. "With this delegation of power, manpower issues faced by Customs will be addressed within the couple of coming months and is set to enhance our performance and productivity in terms of our core mandated roles of Border Protection, Trade Facilitation and Revenue Collection."

The Commissioner stated that while Customs aims to follow all stipulated guidelines, he urged DPM to step in and assist whenever something was not done correctly and when Customs sought guidance.

DPM Acting Secretary Chris Kabauru said DPM had been monitoring Customs progress for a while and considered it qualified and ready to accept the responsibilities per the DPM criteria for delegation of powers.

"But be careful of abuse of power because DPM is always there to monitor your work to ensure all things are done correctly", he said.

Ray Paul