Customs Time Release Study

26 September 2013

PNG Customs Service Time Release Study (TRS)

The TRS is a unique tool developed by the World Customs Organisation which enables Customs administrations around the world to measure the time taken to undertake its cargo clearance functions. PNG Customs has completed the first TRS undertaken for PNG.

The survey is aimed at finding out how long cargo clearance is taking, from arrival of goods at a port to delivery. To conduct the study, data for cargo arriving in Lae during the week of the 16th to 20th April2012 was collected, verified and analysed.

The TRS results provide a factual baseline of PNG Customs performance that will stimulate streamlining of internal business processes inform strategic planning and allow proactive engagement with industry to address areas of improvement or concern.

The TRS will ensure PNG Customs remains focused on the right improvement opportunities and maintain a level of performance that meets international standards.

An TRS 2012 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY and an 2013 PNG Customs Time Release Study Industry QA Industry Fact Sheetis available here. A full report for public consumption is expected to be available in the near future.

Ray Paul