Customs Remove Tints On All Vehicles

Press Release 14 August 2013

Customs remove tints on all vehicles

Ray Paul

The PNG Customs Service has continued removing dark tinting from all Customs vehicles including the vehicles used by the Commissioner and his Deputy Commissioners on August 14, 2013.

Dark tints were removed from all remaining vehicles in Port Moresby apart from those that were removed on July 31, 2013, following a directive issued by the Prime Minister Peter O'Neil early this year for tinting to be removed from all Government vehicles.

"By the close of business on Friday August 16, 2013, all dark tinting will be removed from all Customs vehicles in Papua New Guinea", the Commissioner stated. "Added to that, by two weeks from now Z plates will be put on all Customs vehicles that still bear private number plates."

Ray Paul

"There are security risks and threats received by my officers and myself but we will go by the decision of the Government. It is about time that Customs officers become transparent and accountable to the people of Papua New Guinea." "I have been urging my officers to be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing in discharging their duties and thereby ensuring Custom vehicles are being used in the manner they are intended for", the Commissioner added. "Now the public can instantly recognise Customs vehicles and also be able to judge the conduct of Customs officers. If you see or suspect that Customs vehicles are being used in an improper manner, you must quickly report the matter to the Office of the Commissioner."

Ray Paul