Customs Establishes Audit Committee

Press Release 17 October 2012

Customs establishes audit committee

Ray Paul

The PNG Customs Service has become the 28th organisation in Papua New Guinea to establish an audit committee following its' audit committee's launching on Tuesday this week.

The purpose of the Customs audit committee is to provide assistance to Commissioner Ray Paul and his senior executive management in fulfilling their responsibilities of achieving good corporate governance and to ensure effective internal controls and operations within the organisation.

"This is an important step towards sound governance for this organisation", the Commissioner stated during the launching. "When something is wrong, we have to call it by its right name, and by establishing such a committee, it will help or guide us to make good, sound decisions."

The Customs audit committee comprises of two independent members, a representative from the Auditor General's and Finance Secretary's office and the Commissioner of Customs.

Ray Paul

Audit committee chairman John Dotson, an independent member, said it was pleasing to see that that the Customs management was in support of the committee.

"This audit team is as good as the support that you (Commissioner) and your management gives," Mr. Dotson stated.

"I do not want it to be just another audit committee, we have to make it special, we have to make it to be a tool that the Commissioner and the executive management can use to add real value to the operations of PNG Customs," Mr. Dotson added. "The setting up of the Customs audit committee also adds to the good reputation and identity that has already been established by the organisation."

Ray Paul