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About Customs ICT

Under the new organizational structure Customs ICT is now responsible for the maintenance and expansion of the Customs Information Technology Infrastructure. Previously known as the KASPNG Section, ICT based on the 8th Floor of the Revenue Haus in Port Moresby.

KASPNG was responsible for the development and implementation of the ASYCUDA System. Asycuda is the electronic reporting and data processing system for all import, export and excise entries lodged with Customs.

The Customs operation of the Internal Revenue Commission of PNG has been using computerised system for import/export clearance since 1993. This system is the version 2.7 of the Automated System for Customs Data (ASYCUDA) developed by the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development. In 2004 the Asycuda version was upgraded to Asycuda++ version 118D and is now used in over 14 ports in Papua New Guinea.

There have been a number of benefits realised over the past years with the use of the Asycuda++ system that included simplified documentation, adoption of international standards, codes, harmonised tariff system, valuation exposure of Customs Staff and traders to computer environment and management of trade statistics.

Traders can now submit their import/export declarations electronically to Customs. There are about 101 Customs Brokers online throughout PNG.

Shipping agents can also submit their cargo declarations (Manifest) electronically to Customs. The Pilot Project started in Port Moresby in 2009, and be rolled out to other Ports in 2010. Lae Port is expected to be on Manifest Mandatory Mode in mid April 2011. There are 11 shipping companies online in Port Moresby.

Since the separation of Customs from the Internal Revenue Commission, ICT is now responsible for implementing and maintaining the computer systems in the organization and working forward to bring the modern information technology to the Papua New Guinea Customs Service for the benefit of our stake holders and the country.

The ICT is responsibility and functions also extend to the following:

  • Maintenance and Upgrade of Customs Network and Equipment
  • Maintain Customs Website
  • Update of Asycuda Database / References and Control Tables
  • Maintenance and Upgrade of the Asycuda and CMIS Computer Systems
  • Provide Help Desk Support to PNG Customs and External Asycuda DTI Users( Brokers and Shipping)
  • Provide Statistics to Customs Management, Government Departments (NSO/DTI, BPNG, Treasury etc), Other interested parties/organisations
  • Conduct Training for All Asycuda Users